Al Wadood – The Most Loving!

We think we have control over everything. Managing time, confirming plans, preparing events, and stressing over them. We don’t realize that even with a flawless plan drafted by us, It would still be only Allah’s plan for us that uncovers. And to live a peaceful life, we must also believe that whatever Allah SWT has […]


I’m glad to let you all know that I have recently been nominated for the Awesome Blogger Award by a wonderful writer Sarah Altaf and an amazing Tanya Sheik! Thanks Sarah and Tanya for nominating me!💕 Sarah’s blog post are awesome and straight from the heart. Not many people have the brains to use their […]


You will be tested in so many different ways, in ways you will never be able to imagine. You will go through the trials and hardships, you will be afflicted with big disasters. And that moment, you’ll feel weak, you’ll want to give up, on your life, and on everything. You’ll want to escape, somewhere […]