No more, no less!

You are different. That doesn’t make any difference. That doesn’t mean your value is less. God has made everyone different. Though we look similar, we are quite different from each other. Unfortunately, the society doesn’t understand this. Nevertheless I’m telling you. If you don’t want to be a doctor or an engineer, it’s okay, you’re […]

Hijab Day~ My Hijab Story!

“Are you a terrorist?” Looking at my abaya-clad body, my senior sneered at me while I was walking in the corridor. I looked back and smiled, that I didn’t care whatever she’d said. The next statement was used by the opponent in my school election for head girl that I was an “Islamist” and to […]

A Ray Of Hope!🌤🥀

For all my fellows who can’t read urdu, English translation is down below! I’d love to hear your thoughts and your experiences of how your 2020 went! Lemme know in the comments down below! Much love🥰🍃 امید کی کرن! ہر آنے والے نے جانا ہے، پھر چاہے وہ کوئ سال ہو، یا لمحہ، کوئ دوست، […]

Al Wadood – The Most Loving!

We think we have control over everything. Managing time, confirming plans, preparing events, and stressing over them. We don’t realize that even with a flawless plan drafted by us, It would still be only Allah’s plan for us that uncovers. And to live a peaceful life, we must also believe that whatever Allah SWT has […]